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Vibram Spyridon LS

These come in “Military Green” but they aren’t exactly what you’d call “tactical”; but then, neither is wiggling your toes. But if you’re the type who’s got just enough caveman left in you that you want to actually feel the ground beneath you, Vibram’s FiveFingers have always been the next best thing to going barefoot (and the best thing if you don’t like getting pointy things impaled in your feet).

Price: $120 | Get:

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2012 Prius C

$25,000 for a fully-loaded hybrid that gets 53 MPG city? Yes, please. The Prius C comes in four packages (conveniently labeled “one”, “two”, “three”, and “four”), with the Prius C Four capping out at around the $25k mark.

One of the SB editors just purchased his own, and reports that the “sweet spot” for this car is about 50-60 MPH, where he’s gotten almost 60 MPG, driving gingerly; using “Eco Mode”, and “EV” (electric vehicle mode). EV mode allows you to use the vehicle as a fully electric car, up to 25 MPH.

Price: $18k-25k | Get: Toyota

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DemonBells: Kettlebells for a Hellish Workout

72 lb. DemonBells

Some people need a little extra motivation for their workouts. Whether it’s the fear of eternal damnation, or the prospect of hearing the lamentations of your enemies’ women, these stygian implements of fitness will have you putting just a little more effort into lifting heavy things over and over. Also, they’re freaking rad-looking; which is all that really matters.

Price: $80/120/150/200 (20lb/35lb/54lb/72lb) | Get:

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Desktop Cannon

Pocket Cannon

Whether you’re a fan of Robert Heinlein or just need to keep pirates from stealing your paper clips and sticky notes, this “pocket” cannon from Pocket Artillery is perfect for any office with a liberal workplace policy on the use of gunpowder.

Price: $29 | Get:

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Thrustmaster T 500 RS – PS3 Steering Wheel

If you’ve got a PS3, and are even remotely into cars, you’ve probably got the latest version of Grand Turismo (5). So why be a scrub and play it on a controller? A car’s meant to be driven with a wheel and pedals, right?

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New Balance MT-101 Lightweight Trail Runners

Running shoe companies seem to have finally gotten it through their heads that less is more, and lightweight shoes are all the rage. But a lightweight shoe for running on trails… yep, NB’s got one.

The MT-101 is made with a sole designed to deal with those pesky rocks and ninja caltrops (in case you’re doing your trail running in feudal Japan) while still being lightweight and flexible.

Price: $75 | Get: Amazon

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Battleship Watch: Nixon’s “Gunship Collection”

It’s disturbing to us, that the trend in watch style seems to be stuck in a 1990′s P.Diddy video; oversized, overstated, overindulgent, oh god when will it be over?

Perhaps this watch, by Nixon, is an indicator that the timepiece crisis is coming to an end. This is a man’s watch; the kind John Wayne would beat you to death with for serving him an overcooked steak or telling him there was no indoor smoking within the city limits. And he’d get away with it too because this watch is just that badass.

Price: $500 | Get:

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Breville BKC700XL Single Serve K-Cup Brewer

I am pretty much useless until I get my first cup of coffee in the morning. After that, I am useless until I get my second. There is nothing like a nice, fresh, hot cup of coffee and the first cup of the day is the best. Each one after that…..meh, not so much.

With the advent of the single cup brew systems, you can now have the first cup of the day, all day long. I tried the Sensio and the coffee sucked, it was loud, it was messy, it was ugly. I finally went to the Keurig system and didn’t look back.

Much better flavors, much wider variety. I replaced my previous pot with this one when we redid the kitchen and it looks sweet and works well. It has a bigger water tank which is LED lit and a larger variety of brew size, both an upgrade from previous Keurig brewers. Plus it is a kick-ass Stainless Steel which doesn’t look like your dad’s Mr. Coffee.

K-cups come in numerous flavors of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and iced tea and the just came out with a couple of flavors of iced coffee.

Quit drinking old, stale, burnt coffee and get with the single-serve generation like Edward Norton in Fight Club, my single-serve friend.

Price: $240.00 / Get:

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Ryno One-Wheeled Motorcycle

…wouldn’t that be a “Motorunicicycle”? Either way, for an urban faster-than-walking device, this thing is pretty nifty.

There are a few similar designs out there, but this one, with its forward handlebars (as opposed to one design that has you holding your hands down at your sides) won’t invite muggers to punch you in the stomach. The most important feature, however, is that it’s not a Segway; it actually looks kinda cool. Then again, we thought the Segway did too, until the hordes of ultragoobers bought them.

Oh, and look… video:

Price: TBD | Get: the hell out of here, it’s not in production yet.

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P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program

Hey, fatty, fatty, boom-ba-laty!  Yeah, you, the guy with jelly roles on his jelly roles!  Are you tired of being a sweat stain on the buffet table cloth of life?  Of being rejected by even the most decrepit and grotesque of spinsters?  Of little children recoiling in horror at your flabby, misshapen physique?  Then Tony Horton has just the product for you.   Through a series of challenging workouts, nutritious meal and eating guides, and a eclectic array of engaging DVDs, Tony will help you on your way to a new, healthier, happier, and thinner you.  So put down that éclair, fat boy, and pick up the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program today!

Price:  $139.80|  Get: P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program – 13 DVDs, Nutrition Guide, Exercise Planner

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