Thursday May 23rd 2019



AVADirect X8100 Destop Replacement Notebook

AVADirect’s X8100 is not your grandpa’s desktop replacement notebook.  If you’re looking for an economical, slender, light, portable workstation, you should look elsewhere.  However, if you want to tear ass with two SLI’d out GeForce GTX 285M’s, 8 GB worth of DDR RAM, and an Intel quad core i7-820QM CPU, the X8100 is tailor made for you.  While at just over 15 pounds, it’s a heavy machine with slightly limited battery life, the X8100 can run the latest, greatest games and is still versatile enough to get some occasional work done.  If you think about FarCry 2 benchmark’s in your sleep, AVADirect may just make your sweetest dreams come true.

Price:  $2397.29 | Get:  AVADirect

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