Saturday May 30th 2020



Lodge Logic Dutch Oven

Just because they lost the World Cup of Soccer doesn’t mean they don’t know how to cook. The Lodge Logic Dutch Oven brings back camping memories for me… and I don’t mean my tent-mate farting and holding my head under the sleeping bag.

This Dutch Oven comes pre-seasoned so you won’t have to rub oil all over it before you abuse it like a masseuse in a tropical resort would. It’s lightweight and great for making peach cobbler, roast pork, beef stew or any kind of camping food you can recall from your days as a Boy Scout. Just dig a hole, cover it with coals, and let this Dutch Oven do the rest. You can even flip the lid over and use it as a griddle to make pancakes, crepes, or sear that rodent you just trapped. It’s made in the USA so you won’t feel bad about paying off the Dutch.

Price: About $70 | Get: Amazon

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