Monday April 6th 2020




Want stuff, get stuff, enjoy stuff. That’s how it works.

Who are we? We’re just a group of dudes (and OMG A GIRL) with too much disposable income and a predilection for buying things we may or may not necessarily need.

Want us to feature your stuff? We’d be more than happy to do so. Just shoot us an email via the Contact form , or you could just crack open a window and yell really loudly.

Stuff Writers:

Fj Sutton: is the keeper of the dead and resident smartass/jackass in northern Arizona. He has a closet full of shoes he doesn’t wear, boxes full of comics he doesn’t read and a cabinet full of blu-rays he doesn’t have time to watch. When he does watch them, it is alone at night, after getting punched and kicked and thrown, and he is tempted to wake up sleeping family and tell them how awesome something is.

He’s seen every Star Wars movie in theaters, isn’t above wearing a kickass costume for Halloween and gets roped into building huge Lego sets or playing videogames with his kid. He’s always on the lookout to add more stuff to his ever growing empire of crap and tchotchkes. In fact, he could probably use some new speakers for his home theater……..

Neal Fletcher is a Social Media guy and all-around sonofabitch who currently resides in Barbecuetown, MO. He likes kittens and puppies, but only in a light cream sauce, setting things on fire, and punching people. Oh, and buying things he probably doesn’t need.

He’s the co-founder of several popular global online communities, and the future leader of the resistance against the robot hordes from Seti Alpha VIII. EARTH FOR EARTHLINGS! …ahem. His favorite author is Robert Heinlein and he’s likely to punch you in the groin if you confuse the movie Starship Troopers with the book of the same name.

Jim VanCleef: is a law student, gadabout, and self-proclaimed Huguenot who lives in Birmingham, Alabama. The blind son of a 19th century milliner, Jim worked his way from odd job to odd job until he eventually clawed his way to the top of society: being sold into slavery at a Marrakesh bazaar and forced to write hundreds of product placement blogs every day. He enjoys long walks on the beach, domestic micro-brews, and not being brutally whipped for falling behind on his blog writing.

Lewis Curl: is a former bouncer, network security expert, and professional chef. He has a fondness for Great Danes, video games, and just about anything that plugs into something else. When he isn’t milking his herd of pygmy goats, arguing pointless topics on the Internet or watching cartoons that have been dubbed from English into Japanese and back into English, he buys stuff and writes about it here.