Friday April 26th 2019



Black & Decker Ready Wrench

I don’t know about you, but every time I set out to do a chore or task, it seems like half of my time is spent screwing around with getting the right tools. There you are, in a small under-sink cabinet that is too small for your shoulders trying to contort yourself only to find:
you grabbed the wrong size socket

I came across this at Target one day and thought it was the coolest. I hate yelling for my wife or son to “grab me a -x-” only to have to explain what the hell I am asking for.

No more lost sockets. No more dropping the socket while trying to secure it while being upside down. No more guessing and hoping you took the right size sockets.

16 of the most popular sized socket heads all in one convenient package.  So no more excuses and get thee to work!

Price: about $17 | Get:

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