Monday April 6th 2020



Breville BKC700XL Single Serve K-Cup Brewer

I am pretty much useless until I get my first cup of coffee in the morning. After that, I am useless until I get my second. There is nothing like a nice, fresh, hot cup of coffee and the first cup of the day is the best. Each one after that…..meh, not so much.

With the advent of the single cup brew systems, you can now have the first cup of the day, all day long. I tried the Sensio and the coffee sucked, it was loud, it was messy, it was ugly. I finally went to the Keurig system and didn’t look back.

Much better flavors, much wider variety. I replaced my previous pot with this one when we redid the kitchen and it looks sweet and works well. It has a bigger water tank which is LED lit and a larger variety of brew size, both an upgrade from previous Keurig brewers. Plus it is a kick-ass Stainless Steel which doesn’t look like your dad’s Mr. Coffee.

K-cups come in numerous flavors of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and iced tea and the just came out with a couple of flavors of iced coffee.

Quit drinking old, stale, burnt coffee and get with the single-serve generation like Edward Norton in Fight Club, my single-serve friend.

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