Thursday May 23rd 2019



Dead On Tools Annihilator

If a tool could have a mullet, this tool would be sporting the most kickass Mississippi Mudflap imaginable. It’s a hammer. A crowbar. A stake. A bottle-opener. A skull!

This tool can work all day then drink a sixer and fight it’s way to the front of a circa-1980s general admission Motley Crue concert and head-bang to Wildside.

Why, you ask might someone need this tool. Duh. LOOK AT IT! You can’t afford not to have it. You need this tool for all the above listed uses and it is an essential addition to any Zombipocalyspe toolkit.

Quit being a ‘Nancy boy’ and get a man’s tool that can frame a shed, tear down a wall and fell a brain-sucking xombi.

Price: about $35 | Get:

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