Friday April 26th 2019



Glacial Pale Ale

Glacial Pale Ale is good beer.  I know it’s obvious I’m partial to pale ales, but trust me guys, you’ll forgive me for my pale-o-centric views when you take a sip of this crisp, drinkable beer from the Memphis based Ghost River brewery.  Ghost River is the sister brewery to the famous restaurant/brew pub Boscoes and it shows in Glacial Pale Ale’s versatility as a dinner beer.  I’ve had this beer with everything from beer and pizza to (as Ghost River suggests) seafood and ribs.  While there are definitely better beers for drinking without food (lookin’ at you 420), and some may prefer wine with their meal, you can’t go wrong with Glacial Pale Ale either with a steak, some fried shrimp, or just by itself.

Price:  $10 (per “growler”)+$3 deposit on bottle | Get:  Ghost River (dock sales only)

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