Friday April 26th 2019



Ip Man 2 Blu-Ray

“Dude, I heard Ip Man was the deadly. He totally trained Bruce Lee to kill ninjas and shaolin monks and stuff. If either of them were alive they would totally rule the UFC.”

We’ve all heard that before. From friends. From co-workers. Maybe from a family member. All of them need to be slapped.

Listen, I love kung-fu movies. I also love ninja movies. I also like giant monster movies and movies with cyborgs and space battles. I also realize not all of them are real.

Donnie Yen stars in this sequel to the first docu-drama about the W/Ving Ts/Chun guy that taught Bruce Lee. I am sure there are tons of liberties taken but guess what, there was also tons in JFK, too.

Beautifully filmed.  Crisp colors, great action and the Donnie Yen vs. Sammo Hung fight is full of chop-socky HK win.

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