Friday January 17th 2020



Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder

Are you an unwashed, troglodytic, plebian idiot who mindlessly sucks down stale c-store coffee?  Yes?  Then get off this site, you swill-drinking cretin!  Ahem.  For those of you super-awesome-cool dudes and dudettes who appreciate coffee for more than just a quick caffeine fix, then boy does have a new fangled gadget for you!  The Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder is for the distinguished, cultured coffee connoisseur who doesn’t have time to wait with the Starbucks posers for $10.00 cups of poorly ground java that the barista probably spit in.  The Krups Fast Touch’s 200-watt motor makes short work of up to 3oz. coffee beans at a time and can be used on spices, nuts, and grains!  Couple that with its fine craftsmanship and sleek design, and you have a grinder that even the most highfalutin of caffeine fiends will envy.  What are you waiting for, fellow coffee aficionado?  Go buy it now!  Buy it, buy it, buy it!

Price:   $19.99|  Get: Krups 203-42 Fast Touch Coffee Grinder, Black

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