Friday April 26th 2019



Lego Creationary

There is a fine line between “immature” and “involved”. OK…there is also a few pages in the dictionary but that ain’t what I’m talking about.

The fine line involves spawning and breeding.  Think about it:  you see some guy in the toy aisle at Target or hanging around Toys-R-Us.   Either they are being immature, being a creep or being a good parent.

Kids make it so you can play video games and muck about with Legos and create the illusion of being a good and involved parent.

Lego has come out with a line of board games which combine the participation of a game and the fun of building Legos and it is like 2 toys in one.

Games can last a couple of minutes to a half-hour, depending on rule play, with Creationary designed to have the longest play time.  Each player rolls a Lego dice, then draws a card  to determine the type of item to be built and then other players try to guess what is being built.  Hilarity ensues.

Price: about $35 / Get:

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