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Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder

Are you an unwashed, troglodytic, plebian idiot who mindlessly sucks down stale c-store coffee?  Yes?  Then get off this site, you swill-drinking cretin!  Ahem.  For those of you super-awesome-cool dudes and dudettes who appreciate coffee for more than just a quick caffeine fix, then boy does have a new fangled gadget for you!  The Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder is for the distinguished, cultured coffee connoisseur who doesn’t have time to wait with the Starbucks posers for $10.00 cups of poorly ground java that the barista probably spit in.  The Krups Fast Touch’s 200-watt motor makes short work of up to 3oz. coffee beans at a time and can be used on spices, nuts, and grains!  Couple that with its fine craftsmanship and sleek design, and you have a grinder that even the most highfalutin of caffeine fiends will envy.  What are you waiting for, fellow coffee aficionado?  Go buy it now!  Buy it, buy it, buy it!

Price:   $19.99|  Get: Krups 203-42 Fast Touch Coffee Grinder, Black

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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Jim Raynor needs your help. He’s low on cash, has the entire Dominion star fleet eager to blow him into star dust, and his girlfriend’s been transformed into a vicious (and scantily-clad), telepathic brood master of a voracious, world destroying horde of alien monsters. In Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, the eagerly anticipated RTS from Blizzard Entertainment, you control a small army of soldiers, tanks, and weapons of mass destruction. You can either play the single player campaign as a human Terran, or jump on BattleNet to play as one of the other two races: the noble Protoss or the ravaging Zerg. Suit up space marine, it’s time for action.

Price: $57.99 | Get: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

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The Stand

In a post-apocalyptic America, there are only two choices for the survivors of the mysterious and deadly virus “Captain Tripp’s”: join Randall Flagg and his demonic autocracy in Las Vegas; or follow the ancient Mother Abigail on her long pilgrimage to Boulder, Colorado. In what many fans consider to be Stephen King’s magnum opus, King tells a story of good versus evil that redefines the epic novel. The Stand is simply a great read, no matter what your preferred genre or preconceptions about one of America’s greatest story tellers. M-O-O-N, that spells “wonderful book.”

Price: $8.09 | Get: The Stand

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Cocoa Roast Almonds by Emerald

I could go completely low-brow here and make a “LOL, nuts” joke, but I won’t (except indirectly, since we just kind of mentioned it…). So we’ll go the Pepperidge Farm route. Back when I was a kid (in the nineteen hurbffflherffities), my family always bought me a jar of honey roasted peanuts to put in my Christmas stocking.

We didn’t have a lot of money, and those things were pretty pricey as food goes. So seeing that stocking crammed with a big jar of those sweet, crunchy bastards that I didn’t have to share with my brother, was pretty goddamn awesome.

As fondly as I remember this tradition, discovering these bad boys was like going from playing with toys to thinking about girls; yes, that drastic. These damn things rule. For the past few weeks I’ve been keeping a jar of them at my desk, to stifle hunger cravings and keep me from raiding the disgusting crap in the vending machines here. And it works, like a champ.

So put some of these nuts in your mouth, you won’t regret it. (Yeah, I totally lied.)

Price: $24 (4 jars) | Get:

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Oppo BDP-83 Region-Free Blu-ray Player

Back in the olden days, I had a region free DVD player that could convert PAL to NTSC. Well, I still have it, I just don’t ever really use it since I tend to prefer things on blu-ray.

This, right now, for me, is the holy grail. With blu-ray, you don’t really have an issue with PAL and NTSC, but there are still region codes. Not as many as before, but they are still there. There are several releases I would like to purchase, such as Brotherhood of the Wolf and Solomon Kane, but they are Region “B”….which pretty much means they are reserved for the Brits.

Enter the Oppo BDP-83, which features an Anchor Bay VRS chip and is able to decode all manner of hi-def audio. It has a 1G internal storage drive and has full 1080p output.

Plus it just looks damn nice with that sweet, sweet brushed metal front.

If I had it to do all over again, I would start with this player and not look back.

Price: $500/ Get:

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Beer Ammo Belt

August must be “tactical” month here on Stuff Blogger. Or perhaps the Internet Zeitgeist is just thinking about this kind of thing a bit more than normal. Whatever, our sources keep coming up with these things, and we’ll keep posting them.

We’re not exactly sure if the 12 Can beer ammo belt by Hops Holster is MOLLE compatible, much less authorized by the DOD, but we’re pretty sure it’s authorized by BOB (Jenkins, of Tuscon AZ).

Price: $20 | Get: Hops Holster

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Tactical Crossbow

The threat of Zombies always looming on the horizon begs the question, “what do you do when you run out of ammo?”. Well this certainly isn’t something you want to face when wandering the expanses of a post-apocalyptic wasteland without an unlooted sporting goods store within five hundred miles.

But that’s where the PSE Tac 15 comes in! Unlike bullets, you can actually re-use arrows (or rather, crossbow bolts). And when those break or wear out, you can easily make more. Unless you’re too stupid to twine a sharp rock to a stick, in which case, you deserve to be zombie food.

Price $1300 | Get: Amazon

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Wiley X Tactical Sun/Prescription Glasses

Ballistic, impact-resistant, and available in prescription, these glasses by Wiley-X are pretty damn spiffy if you do anything that requires eye protection and don’t want to look like Bill Nye in the process.  The little holes on the side allow you to affix a strap (included) which turns them into goggles.  They also include a padded face seal that will help keep out dust and debris.

The “Black Ops” version of these, while essentially “Tacticalol” (even including a fake “Black Ops” tab for a set of ACUs), are the way to go.  They come in flat black and with subdued logos, making them AR 670-1 compliant; which matters if you’re in the Army.

Price: $80-160 | Get EliteTactical

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So yeah, it was an obvious joke, a low-hanging fruit. But regardless… look at this cool bottle filled with rum!

This new “Black” rum is described as “a drink as strong and dark as kraken (giant squid) ink…94 proof and laden with flavor…The label doesnt indicate it, but the rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago… a truly monstrous hit of chocolate and molasses, cut with Christmas spices cinnamon and allspice, cloves and maybe even some ginger. Vanilla is big on the finish. Overall the effect is quite impressive”.

Sounds good to us!

Price: $21 | Get

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Lego Creationary

There is a fine line between “immature” and “involved”. OK…there is also a few pages in the dictionary but that ain’t what I’m talking about.

The fine line involves spawning and breeding.  Think about it:  you see some guy in the toy aisle at Target or hanging around Toys-R-Us.   Either they are being immature, being a creep or being a good parent.

Kids make it so you can play video games and muck about with Legos and create the illusion of being a good and involved parent.

Lego has come out with a line of board games which combine the participation of a game and the fun of building Legos and it is like 2 toys in one.

Games can last a couple of minutes to a half-hour, depending on rule play, with Creationary designed to have the longest play time.  Each player rolls a Lego dice, then draws a card  to determine the type of item to be built and then other players try to guess what is being built.  Hilarity ensues.

Price: about $35 / Get:

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