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High Voltage, Low Mileage

Hey, what’s up StuffBloggers… you dun become some kinda hippies or something, derp? No, gentle-minded reader, we just think not paying for gasoline is pretty damn cool. And pretty soon, for the price of a modest BMW, you can avoid that hassle too. The Chevy Volt is set to go on sale soon, and the best news is that price is offset by a $7500 tax credit.

Make sure you flip off the poor saps in line at the Quick Trip as you smugly and quietly cruise past them!

Price: $41,000 | Get: Your Local Chevy Dealer

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Rajah Folding Kukri

Rajah Folding Kukri Knife

We don’t really have a category for knives here, so we’ll just put them under Tools. It’s commonly known amongst knife aficionados that the Kukri design is one of the best for chopping. Its forward-curved blade applies a significant amount of force and enhances the power of a swing by focusing that force on the point where it delivers the most… err… force. Shut up, it’s Friday.

Before now, you couldn’t exactly carry a kukri around with you, because they’re large fixed blades. But the knife-happy folks at Cold Steel figured they could solve this problem by creating a folding one. They come in 6″ and 3 1/2″ blade versions.

Price: $160 (6″) | Get: Cold Steel

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100 MPH, 100 Miles, 0 Gas

When I was a teenager (not that long ago), gas was about a buck a gallon. Nowadays it’s about three bucks to the gallon, which sucks even if you’re driving something that gets as good mileage as most bikes do.

Enter the Empulse from Brammo. A bike designed for people who actually like riding, as opposed to commuting Their other model is frankly a bit Vespa-like, but this is respectably sexy. The best part is that you don’t fuel it up, you just plug it in overnight to a wall outlet.

Price: (EST) $14,000 | Get: Soon

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Glacial Pale Ale

Glacial Pale Ale is good beer.  I know it’s obvious I’m partial to pale ales, but trust me guys, you’ll forgive me for my pale-o-centric views when you take a sip of this crisp, drinkable beer from the Memphis based Ghost River brewery.  Ghost River is the sister brewery to the famous restaurant/brew pub Boscoes and it shows in Glacial Pale Ale’s versatility as a dinner beer.  I’ve had this beer with everything from beer and pizza to (as Ghost River suggests) seafood and ribs.  While there are definitely better beers for drinking without food (lookin’ at you 420), and some may prefer wine with their meal, you can’t go wrong with Glacial Pale Ale either with a steak, some fried shrimp, or just by itself.

Price:  $10 (per “growler”)+$3 deposit on bottle | Get:  Ghost River (dock sales only)

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Lodge Logic Dutch Oven

Just because they lost the World Cup of Soccer doesn’t mean they don’t know how to cook. The Lodge Logic Dutch Oven brings back camping memories for me… and I don’t mean my tent-mate farting and holding my head under the sleeping bag.

This Dutch Oven comes pre-seasoned so you won’t have to rub oil all over it before you abuse it like a masseuse in a tropical resort would. It’s lightweight and great for making peach cobbler, roast pork, beef stew or any kind of camping food you can recall from your days as a Boy Scout. Just dig a hole, cover it with coals, and let this Dutch Oven do the rest. You can even flip the lid over and use it as a griddle to make pancakes, crepes, or sear that rodent you just trapped. It’s made in the USA so you won’t feel bad about paying off the Dutch.

Price: About $70 | Get: Amazon

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Scarecrow Sprinkler by Contech

Is wildlife feasting on your garden? Is the neighbor’s dog or cat constantly crapping in your yard? Do you want to keep door to door salesmen, census takers, and religious zealots away?

Take your portable sprinkler into the 21st century with motion detection. Safe, humane, and using only regular water instead of harmful chemicals you too can keep the riff-raff out of your yard with the Scarecrow Sprinkler by Contech.

When it detects something passing in front of the motion sensor it locks on and fires a short but powerful burst of water at the target. You can even link multiple Scarecrows together and form a perimeter defense around your yard. Just insert the battery, hook up the hose and aim the sprinkler at the area you want to guard and you are ready to go.

Price: $45 | Get: Amazon

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It’ll Blend, but it won’t Burn

It’s a Fahrenheit 451 joke, shut up.

We’d be remiss in our posting of Book Stuff if we didn’t mention the Kindle. Free, international, 3G Wireless; 1.8 million free books, and the kind of gadget that will make the panties drop… at least on nerdchicks! Gizmodo had found it for sale, refurbished, for $110, but that deal seems to be gone. The current price isn’t bad either though!

Price: $170 | Get: Amazon

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Fevre Dream

Scientific fact #1: George R.R. Martin has written a lot of great books. Scientific Fact #2: you’ve never heard of most of them! Like Armageddon Rag and Dying of the Light, Fevre Dream is a gem that was a success with critics but never became a bestseller. In Martin’s riverboat/vampire yarn, grizzled Civil War vet and steamboat captain Abner Marsh must help his peculiar new friend and passenger Joshua York in his battle against an ancient and terrible enemy. Full of suspense, action and awesome vampire fist fights, Fevre Dream is what vampire novels were before True Blood and Stephenie Meyer: AWESOME.

Price: $10.88| Get: Amazon

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Left Hand Milk Stout

Left Hand’s Milk Stout is a rich, 12 oz. batch of creamy deliciousness.  The beer is smooth, drinkable, and has a malty, hearty taste that most beer drinkers will enjoy.  This is a beer best enjoyed with a meal and has a dark brown pour with a slight head.  As the name suggests, Milk Stout has a slight milk taste and is, of course, a stout.  With its unique creamy textures and refreshing taste, Milk Stout is another homerun for the Colorado microbrew Left Hand.

Price:  $11.59 | Get:  Berkley Wine

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Unholy Alliance of Summer Awesomeness

When two companies, who spend most of their time coming up with unique ways to shoot things out of guns, come together to create a product, your first two thoughts would be:

  1. that there was a government contract worth millions
  2. the citizens of some small, energy-rich country are soon to be unwilling beta testers

But not when it’s a team-up of Nerf and SuperSoaker!  This puppy will shoot water (or some other water-like substance of your choice) up to 25′.  And when you can shoot anything 25′, the opportunities for shenanigans are good.

Price: $21 | Get: Amazon

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