Monday April 6th 2020



Hello Kitty *Blinged Out* Wireless Mouse

Why are wireless mouses (Mice? Meese?) so boring? Black. Grey. Gray. Black and Gray. Grey and Black. bleh.

Why not something exciting that shows you are a manly man with a sensitive side that isn’t afraid to sparkle?

Because it is pink. With Hello Kitty. In fake jewels, that’s why. Just get this for your wife or girlfriend or daughter or effeminate male relative that likes all things Sanrio.

Get the combo pack that even has a sweet Hello Kitty mousepad to complete your collection and make your Badtz-Maru having co-worker all jealous and stuff.

Price: about $27 for the set | Get:

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Black & Decker Ready Wrench

I don’t know about you, but every time I set out to do a chore or task, it seems like half of my time is spent screwing around with getting the right tools. There you are, in a small under-sink cabinet that is too small for your shoulders trying to contort yourself only to find:
you grabbed the wrong size socket

I came across this at Target one day and thought it was the coolest. I hate yelling for my wife or son to “grab me a -x-” only to have to explain what the hell I am asking for.

No more lost sockets. No more dropping the socket while trying to secure it while being upside down. No more guessing and hoping you took the right size sockets.

16 of the most popular sized socket heads all in one convenient package.  So no more excuses and get thee to work!

Price: about $17 | Get:

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Ip Man 2 Blu-Ray

“Dude, I heard Ip Man was the deadly. He totally trained Bruce Lee to kill ninjas and shaolin monks and stuff. If either of them were alive they would totally rule the UFC.”

We’ve all heard that before. From friends. From co-workers. Maybe from a family member. All of them need to be slapped.

Listen, I love kung-fu movies. I also love ninja movies. I also like giant monster movies and movies with cyborgs and space battles. I also realize not all of them are real.

Donnie Yen stars in this sequel to the first docu-drama about the W/Ving Ts/Chun guy that taught Bruce Lee. I am sure there are tons of liberties taken but guess what, there was also tons in JFK, too.

Beautifully filmed.  Crisp colors, great action and the Donnie Yen vs. Sammo Hung fight is full of chop-socky HK win.

Price: about $40 (import) | Get:

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The Road Blu-Ray

Based on the acclaimed novel by Cormac McCarthy, Viggo Mortensen stars as the protagonist, known only as “Man” shepherding his son, “Boy” and trying to  survive in a post-apoc world.

Hey, wait, you say. Didn’t you just show another post-apoc movie??

Yeah? Your point? Listen, while Book of Eli has more action, The Road is haunting and will stick with you longer and make you think and revisit it long after viewing.

The kid is annoying as hell, but check out a couple of surprise cameos.

Price: about $2o | Get:

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Book of Eli Blu-ray

Listen, who doesn’t love a little post-apoc entertainment? No rules, lots of guns, jackasses get snuffed, what more could a boy ask for? Denzel Washington stars as the titled character with a secret who must protect a mysterious book at all costs and uses a little Kempo in the process.

Rounding out a great cast is kooky Gary Oldman, the super-cut Mila Kunis, formerly super-cute Jennifer Beals and the Punisher Ray Stevenson.

Well, whattaya waiting for, the end of the world?

Price: about $25 | Get:

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Contrast Boning Corset

Look ladies, guys are visually-oriented creatures. It goes back to thousands of years of hunting through jungles and forests for the evening meal, among other things. So if you’re looking for a gift to give him, you can’t go wrong with lingerie.

And guys, shut up. We can hear your Butthead-like chuckling through the Internet. The “Boning” in this refers to how the above item is constructed. Although, we suppose in the proper context, a “Boning Corset” does sound appropriate.

Price: $65 | Get: LingerieDiva

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16 Cylinders, 1200 Horsepower

Ok, so maybe 0.2% of the people who read this blog will ever be in a position to purchase one of these, and that’s if they decide to live in it, bathe in gas station bathrooms, and forgo the whole “eating” nonsense.

The Bugati Veyron 16.4 Super Sport recently set the speed record for a production car, breaking 268 miles per hour. And wouldn’t that be worth giving up food?

Price: $3.5 Million | Get: the hell out of here, you’re not buying one anyway

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Nintendo Love Tester

Before there was, there was Nintendo.  The company known today for Mario and Princess Zelda at one time made novelty gadgets, and the folks at  the Japan Trend Shop have decided to reissue some of Nintendo’s zaniest  products.  The Nintendo Love Tester is guaranteed to tell you if you and your beau are meant to be or if it’s just a fling.  All you do is hold the diode and kiss your sweetie and the device, which uses a mechanism similar to those found in lie detectors, will judge your compatibility.  Grab your baby and test your love with the Nintendo Love Tester!

(Picture shown above is the 1969 original.)

Price:  $56 (plus $26 shipping) | Get:  Japan Trend Shop

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Zombie Blood

Do you crave the delicious taste of brains?  Do you find yourself shambling around shopping malls looking for plucky, teenage heroines?  Do you wish Bruce Campbell’s resurrected girlfriend had just finished him off in the first Evil Dead?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, congratulations!  You’re a zombie!  Luckily for you, Harcos Laboratories has created an energy drink to satisfy even the most active undead abomination!  Zombie Blood is so potent that is can even offer the living that temporary burst of unholy energy be it during finals, long drives, or the zombie apocalypse.  Try this new energy drink from Harcos Laboratories and let your inner zombie show!

Price:  $15.96 per 4-pack | Get:  Harcos Laboratories

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AVADirect X8100 Destop Replacement Notebook

AVADirect’s X8100 is not your grandpa’s desktop replacement notebook.  If you’re looking for an economical, slender, light, portable workstation, you should look elsewhere.  However, if you want to tear ass with two SLI’d out GeForce GTX 285M’s, 8 GB worth of DDR RAM, and an Intel quad core i7-820QM CPU, the X8100 is tailor made for you.  While at just over 15 pounds, it’s a heavy machine with slightly limited battery life, the X8100 can run the latest, greatest games and is still versatile enough to get some occasional work done.  If you think about FarCry 2 benchmark’s in your sleep, AVADirect may just make your sweetest dreams come true.

Price:  $2397.29 | Get:  AVADirect

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