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Simplify Your Coffee Fix

For those coffee fanatics who are serious about their java and don’t mind waiting an extra few minutes, Farberware offers their eight cup, stainless steel, Yosemite percolator.  Whether you’re brewing a few cups on the stove before your daily commute or cooking breakfast over an open campfire, the Yosemite percolator guarantees a great tasting, fresh cup of coffee without the need for expensive equipment or an equally expensive trip down to the coffee shop.  Simplify your coffee fix and pick up Farberware’s latest percolator.

Price:  $19.99| Get:  Cookware

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Sennheiser’s HD-555′s Let You Hear What You’ve Been Missing

If you want to enjoy music, movies, games, television or anything else that makes a noise, you’re going to need the right gear.  If you don’t have the space or the cash for an elaborate home theater set up, the right piece of gear for you is the Sennheiser HD-555 Audiophile Headphone set.  You literally can’t get any more bang for your buck than with HD-555’s.  Sennheiser’s headphones feature the high end, quality sound the company’s products are known for at entry level prices.   Get these headphones and hear what you’ve been missing.

Price:  $109.95 | Get:  Amazon

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Incipio DermaSHOT Case for iPhone 4

Are you excited about your new iPhone 4?  Are you looking to protect your new Apple gadget from all sort of insidious dings, scratches, and drops?  Then look no further than the Incipio dermaSHOT case for the iPhone 4.  This sleek, silicone case is the perfect fit for the fourth iteration of Apple’s new must-have device and will insure your new phone will survive even the roughest use.  Made of high density materials, this case is a testament to Incipio’s willingness to listen to the consumer and create a high quality, low cost case that will protect your device without the frustration of sticking to your clothes like similar products.  If you want to keep your new gizmo blemish free until the next upgrade, give this case a try!

Price:  $23.95 |  Get:  Amazon

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Magic Hat #9

In the world of American pale ales, a beer connoisseur has many choices.  From the perennial standby Sierra Nevada to the (aptly named) underdog Flying Dog, someone looking for a break from Bavarian style lagers can be dumb struck by the sheer number of delicious brews available.  Entering into this market takes a bold outlook and a fresh taste, which is precisely what Magic Hat offers with their “not quite a pale ale” entry:  Magic Hat #9.  If you’re looking for a smooth, new drink to enjoy this summer, give this Vermont beer a try.

Price:  $8.99  |  Available at WineSpecialist

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Naked Ninja

Want a zippy sport bike without all of the plastic? Don’t want to be confused for a Ninja? Prefer not to spend a buttload of cash? Well the Kawasaki ER-6N is the bike for you! +

With a 649cc engine (the same as in the 650 Ninja), this semi-nude streetfighter is a hell of a deal for someone looking to get into biking, or just save gas on the morning commute.

Price: $6600 | Get: A Dealer Near You

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M3 Medic Bag: Your “OH SH*T” Kit


You don’t have to be House MD to deal with a medical emergency.  And given Murphy’s Law, a doctor’s probably not going to be around when you need one anyway.  So why tempt fate?  Keep this stocked medic kit in the trunk of your car on a road trip, clipped on your pack when you’re hiking or biking through the woods, or just around the house.

Price: $51 | Get:

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Vibram Five-Fingers: BIKILA

Vibram Five Finger Bikila Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot running, with its bio-mechanical superiority to heel striking in overpadded shoes, is all the rage. Vibram has been at the forefront of this trend and their new BIKILA shoes are simply rad. They’re a bit more “shooey” than the other types they put out, but they’re also a bit more suited to general performance training.

Price: $100 | Available: Stores Only (Check website for locations)

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Book Improvement

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

Not exactly a fan of Jane Austin? Have no fear, Ben H. Winters expands on the plot of the original Victorian novel, with the true story behind the story.

Price: $9.99 | Available: ThinkGeek

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Weber “One-Touch Platinum” Charcoal Grill


Independence Day is coming up, and backyards around the country are going to be filled with the sizzling sounds of burgers and such.  We believe the best grills don’t use propane (sorry, Hank Hill), and the new One-Touch Platinum by Weber is one of our favorites. 

It’s a classic charcoal kettle grill  with more than 300 square inches of shelf space so you don’t have to run back and forth into the house to get the things you need.

Price: $250 | Available:

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Lil’ Guppy MultiTool

Lil Guppy Multitool

Every man of action should carry some sort of multitool.  And even if you consider yourself to be more of a man-of-inaction, the Lil Guppy gives you an excuse to carry one anyway because you can use it as a money clip.  Its functions include a steel blade, adjustable wrench, carabiner, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, pocket/money clip,  and a bottle opener.

Price: $22 (silver) $30 (black) | available at ThinkGeek

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