Monday April 6th 2020



It’s a Jacket! No, it’s a Tent! No, it’s Floor Polish!

Jakpak Jacket-Tent

Actually, it really isn’t floor polish, but the first two are true.  Jakpak is now selling a Jacket that converts into a tent.  So now you can fulfill your lifelong dream of being a Transformer, or maybe avoiding hypothermia.

Going on sale soon, pre-orders starting at  MSRP $249

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Like Having a Spoiler on your Back

BOBLBEE-MEGALOPOLIS-AERO-HARDSHELL-BACKPACKIf you ride a motorcycle, especially on commutes or long trips, the last thing you want is your backpack to work like a parachute (unless you’re riding your bike out of an airplane, in which case, send us video please). The Boblee Megalopolis Aero Hardshell backpack is designed with this in mind.

You can get one at World of Bags for $299.

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Sprint/HTC Evo 4G

Sprint/HTC Evo Smartphone

Sprint is leading the next generation wireless network with what it calls “4G”, but is really WiMax. Its coverage here in Kansas City is spotty, at best, and my local Sprint store’s manager is a jackass, but this phone is pure sex.

On sale now, here. (Link goes to annoying Flash splash page.)

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Want Stuff

Welcome to StuffBlogger, where we basically post stuff that we want, and that we think you’ll want.  Like the above Confederate motorcycle.

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