Thursday May 23rd 2019



Rajah Folding Kukri

Rajah Folding Kukri Knife

We don’t really have a category for knives here, so we’ll just put them under Tools. It’s commonly known amongst knife aficionados that the Kukri design is one of the best for chopping. Its forward-curved blade applies a significant amount of force and enhances the power of a swing by focusing that force on the point where it delivers the most… err… force. Shut up, it’s Friday.

Before now, you couldn’t exactly carry a kukri around with you, because they’re large fixed blades. But the knife-happy folks at Cold Steel figured they could solve this problem by creating a folding one. They come in 6″ and 3 1/2″ blade versions.

Price: $160 (6″) | Get: Cold Steel

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