Thursday May 23rd 2019



Scarecrow Sprinkler by Contech

Is wildlife feasting on your garden? Is the neighbor’s dog or cat constantly crapping in your yard? Do you want to keep door to door salesmen, census takers, and religious zealots away?

Take your portable sprinkler into the 21st century with motion detection. Safe, humane, and using only regular water instead of harmful chemicals you too can keep the riff-raff out of your yard with the Scarecrow Sprinkler by Contech.

When it detects something passing in front of the motion sensor it locks on and fires a short but powerful burst of water at the target. You can even link multiple Scarecrows together and form a perimeter defense around your yard. Just insert the battery, hook up the hose and aim the sprinkler at the area you want to guard and you are ready to go.

Price: $45 | Get: Amazon

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