Monday April 6th 2020



Thrustmaster T 500 RS – PS3 Steering Wheel

If you’ve got a PS3, and are even remotely into cars, you’ve probably got the latest version of Grand Turismo (5). So why be a scrub and play it on a controller? A car’s meant to be driven with a wheel and pedals, right?

Of course, you could settle for some corny, flimsy, plastic controller; little better than a toddler’s first car playset. Or you could go with this bad boy. The T 500 RS has 1080 degrees of turn, and the pedals are completely adjustable, just like in a high-end car. Xboxers are assed-out; this only works with the PS3, and was specifically designed for Grand Turismo 5; it’s finely tuned to work as seamlessly with the game as a magnetic pink ribbon on the back of a fat chick’s Prius.

Price: $599 | Get: not until January 5th!

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