Friday April 26th 2019



Wiley X Tactical Sun/Prescription Glasses

Ballistic, impact-resistant, and available in prescription, these glasses by Wiley-X are pretty damn spiffy if you do anything that requires eye protection and don’t want to look like Bill Nye in the process.  The little holes on the side allow you to affix a strap (included) which turns them into goggles.  They also include a padded face seal that will help keep out dust and debris.

The “Black Ops” version of these, while essentially “Tacticalol” (even including a fake “Black Ops” tab for a set of ACUs), are the way to go.  They come in flat black and with subdued logos, making them AR 670-1 compliant; which matters if you’re in the Army.

Price: $80-160 | Get EliteTactical

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